10 More Of The Coolest Unconventional Ads

    Nobody watches TV commercials anymore, nobody buys magazines anymore. Time to do smarter ads.

    1. So, the Canadian Cancer Society apparently put up these die-cut posters, with vegatation creating unique "down there" styling. COPY: "What's your style? Show your support and join the fight against cervical cancer."

    2. After starting promisingly, the "Mayhem" campaign has become a financial failure for Allstate. But this billboard installation is cool.

    3. Advil. Best use of a lamp pole I've ever seen. Via The Philippines.

    4. Back in April, to promote the Gillette Fusion ProGlide, Ogilvy Honduras rigged up a trimmer to look like the razor. Nice ambient idea.

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    5. Bigger screen = bigger cats. Via The Netherlands.

    6. Hostess turned a Manhattan tourist bus into a big Twinkie.

    7. This looks Photoshopped, but still a great idea for Yahoo via India: "Carry heavy attachments."

    8. Simple and cheap as shit idea for K2r stain remover executed in Paris.

    9. The movie may suck, but that ads don't. See also this NYC poster incursion by subway slicer Poster Boy.

    10. A classic many of you are too young to remember. United Colors of Benetton shealthed the Luxor Obelisk in Paris in a condom for AIDS awareness.


    Here's 10 more of the best unconventional ads ever produced.