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    Posted on Apr 18, 2013

    10 More Great/Terrible Local Business Slogans

    Who needs an ad agency (a lot of these people)?

    1. Camel Tow

    There are scores of "Camel Towing" businesses in America (go ahead, Google it).
    But these guys go deeper with a dirrrty tagline.
    Grade: B

    2. Gro salons, London.

    Not remotely original ( see this gym sign).
    But, at least you tried.
    Grade: C+

    3. Mikos Air.

    All the awards for honesty.
    Grade: A+++.

    Buuut, the "unnecessary" quotation marks are worrisome...

    4. 321 East


    Not bad.
    Grade: B

    5. Hamilton Animal Hospital, PA.


    Meh, not that fun.
    Grade C+

    6. Roots Bistro, Houston.


    The owner says this witty quip was only up "for about 10 minutes."
    Sorry, long enough to be judged, moron:
    Grade: F-

    7. Wicked Campers, New Zealand.

    Via Flickr: kaptainkobold

    The van rental business just got slammed by New Zealand's ad watchdog for this vulgar bit of copy. It's not the first time they've been reprimanded, and they apparently always ignore the warnings.
    Sorry guys, but It doesn't sell your business at all.
    Grade: D

    8. Rockin' G

    Many all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurants have a variation of this copy up on their sign. For good reason.
    Grade: B

    UPDATE: Yes, it's Photoshopped, but pretend it's real.

    9. Dumbo Moving, Brooklyn.


    Very wishful — and scary — thinking, guys.
    Grade: C.

    10. Batesville Casket Company

    Hey, a PSA — that takes away from their business!
    Grade: A.

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