10 More Awkward Stock Photos

Presented with their titles, and without commentary.

1. “Me and teddy”

2. “Two men on sofa, one reading book and other wearing wrestling mask”

3. “Chocolate Rose”

4. “Boy, Interrup-Ted”

Caption: “Man stands with arms outstretched and his head hidden behind straw-like fedora with striped fabric band around it. In his hands is miniature childhood version of himself, which is laying prostrate in his hands, his childhood-self arms dangling down, with teddy bear falling from his hand to ground.”

5. “Woman exercising to lose weight”

6. “Young woman dressed as a baby, portrait, studio shot”

I have to comment here: I don’t know what this “young woman” is dressed as, but it ain’t a baby.

7. “nude couple in conflict, woman refusing to eat red apple”

8. “Baby and Grand Canyon”

9. “Portrait of beautiful young woman with creative braid hairdo”

10. “Cute kid with mexican hat on head, sitti… (description stops there)”

All images via: Awkward Stock Photos.

Via awkwardstockphotos.com

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