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    10 Hot Lingerie Ads

    "Tis the season. NSFW-ish. Just tell your boss you're doing research.

    1. Agent Provocateur

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    Video from 2012.

    So: the woman's a hero. (And the thief is as slow as molasses).

    I mean, it is a lingerie ad, so they had to get her clothes off somehow.

    2. Liaison Dangereuse

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    Wait for it...

    2009 commercial via Germany.

    Now she is an agent provocateur.

    3. Blush lingerie

    4. La Senza Lingerie

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    2010 video via Quebec titled, "The Cup-Size Choir."

    Oh, and you can play your own tune here.

    5. Mia Lingerie

    6. Blush lingerie

    7. Jane Pain

    8. Fortnight lingerie

    From 2011, via Canada.

    Is this the most helpful lingerie video ever made? Yes. Yes it is.


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    Well, you've seen lots of sex. How about some violence?

    The "women beating the crap out of each other over sale items" fashion retail ad has been done to death.

    But I don't think it has ever been executed quite so graphically.

    2009 ad via Germany.

    10. Diana lingerie