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    10 Funny Spicy Food Ads

    Including the cutest ad ever with a baby dragon in it.

    1. Pringles Hot & Spicy

    Via France (that's Paris).


    2. Pringles (jalapeño)

    Via Canada.

    3. La Hacienda

    La Hacienda is a chain of 37 Mexican eateries dotting the heartland of America. They are known for the spiciest, south-of-the-border specialties. To totally ram that point home, they installed mini refrigerators filled with rolls of chilling toilet paper into their restroom stalls. Maybe they should hire attendants to hand out mini-tubes of Preparation H cooling gel, too?

    4. Tower Mas extra hot chili sauce

    Via Singapore.

    It's got a KICK.

    Note the old guy's flying dentures.

    Also note that our pepper hero has no penis.

    5. Ültje Crispers

    Via Germany.

    Ültje Crispers are a dough-covered spicy peanut snack.

    I do not approve of yet another case of animal Photoshop abuse.

    6. Anchomar sardina picante (spicy sardines)

    Via Peru.

    Yes, that's a Farting Pelican.

    7. Thai Food Express

    Via Switzerland.

    Dead Ronald is always funny.

    8. Heinz (with tabasco)

    Via Israel.

    A real billboard with a real flame.

    9. Mama Ito's wasabi boules

    Via Germany.

    Eye Carumba!

    Why a hole in an eye, though?

    10. Heinz hot ketchup

    Via Belgium.

    Cute baybee dragon.

    I adore this ad.