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10 Smart Writing Tips From The Homeless

Ends up, the strategies for asking people to buy your product and asking people for money are basically the same. But homeless people are much better at it, believe me.


These days, too many lazy companies rely on celebs in their ads.

They need to learn a lesson from this guy: be creative and memorable.


It's true. Chest-thumping ads rarely work.


The ad people (right) spelled courteous wrong.

Ad copywriters are notoriously bad at grammar.


True, but in advertising, there's honest and "honest."


Note: I've used that argument many times in meetings with clients, and it almost never worked. They don't like to hear that they don't have anything important to say.


Of course the best ads entertain.

Good effort, dude.


Humble, yes.

You can go to a brand's Facebook page, and verbally abuse them for free (I've done it).


Puns should be avoided, unless they're perfect.

This one is...solid.


As any art director will tell you, NOBODY reads body copy. This guy gets it.


This is my favorite.

True innovation.

This work is via Hello You Creatives, a community of ad copywriters and art directors and other so-called "creative" folk.

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