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    Posted on Jun 12, 2013

    10 Best Local Business Ads Of The Month

    Celebrate amateur creativity. Maybe your town is in here.

    1. Gorditos Mexican in Seattle compares the size of their burritos to newborn babies.

    2. Hey everybody dies, but not every "body" lives. (It's a clothing company.)

    3. Some local bar gets inventive.


    4. Very nice attempt at a PSA, probably won't work.

    5. Mrs. Baird's bakery (many locations in Texas).

    6. Via Tel Aviv, an ESL entrepreneur.

    7. An aquarium shop in London.

    8. TERRIBLE pun, I know. But they're trying. If anybody knows where this restaurant is, please comment.

    9. THANK YOU, fit gym, thank you.

    10. Via the South Simcoe, Ontario Police Department.

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