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    Posted on Jun 16, 2013

    10 Best Big Ads On Buildings You'll Ever See

    If you're got a big idea, a big ad can make a big impact.


    Via Shanghai.

    Ad for Midea fans. That's the Haitong Securities building in the foreground, fairly famous in the architectural world for its unique wave design.

    Very smart, and a bit unnerving.


    In 2008, The BBC (ad agency BBDO NYC) created scenes on the sides of buildings made from coaxial cable as part of a promotion to get people to ask their cable companies to carry BBC World.

    Second ad below.



    Allstate Ad in a Marina City building in Chicago from 2008.


    From 2006, via Chile.

    Building companies in Chile don`t work on weekends. So Lego's ad agency (IDB-FCB) created this cool as fuck installation atop a skyscraper in Santiago.


    From 2008 in Toronto.

    Three Rapunzel style installations where set-up (blond, brunette, redhead). Over two days, stuntmen climbed up and down the ponytails, while on the ground, free samples of Pantene anti-breakage shampoo were handed out.


    Via Auckland, NZ.

    In 2008, This real Kill Bill, Vol.1 installation was erected near a busy Auckland intersection to promote a local channel's screening of the movie. Bloody impressive.


    Via New Zealand, from 2010.

    Very cool use of lighting to promote Law & Order on NZ Channel 3.


    So simple. So smart.

    Via Malaysia in 2007, for Penline tape.


    Amazing installation from 2008 in NYC for Crest Glide dental floss.

    Get that pork out from between your teeth.


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