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Weird New Year's Eve Traditions From Around The World

Are you ready to try all of them?

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Give some gifts to goddess Iemanja.

Flickr: clarissapacheco

She's the goddess of water, and she loves gifts, especially flowers. So throw some into the ocean — if they come back, it means she didn't accept them. Don't worry, you can try again next New Year's Eve.


Make a doll (more like an effigy) to burn to signify the burning away of the old year and the welcoming of the new one.

Men dress up in drag and pretend to be the "widow" of the doll and beg for coins in the streets "to save my husband from being burned."


At 12 a.m. on New Year's Day, grab 12 pennies and then go outside your house and you throw the pennies behind you while you face the opposite of the street.

Immediately after the bells, the first-footing begins, which means being the first person across a friend's or neighbor's threshold.

Flickr: libraryrachel

The first-foot usually brings several gifts, including a coin, bread, salt, coal, or whisky, which respectively represent financial prosperity, food, flavor, warmth, and good cheer.

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