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10 Ways Life Is Different At 18, 25, And 30 Years Old

Because everything changes. Everything.

1. Friendship:

At 18: Your friends will be your BFFs, no doubt about it.

At 25: You've lost some along the way, but you have at least 10 to go out dancing with.

At 30: You count them with one hand, but they are basically family.

2. The relationship with your body:

At 18: You can eat pretty much anything without worrying too much.

At 25: You're the bomb.

At 30: They were right, everything falls.

3. Work:

At 18: You can't wait to finish school and get a full-time job.

At 25: You start to build your career.

At 30: It's where you spend most of your day. Including weekends.

4. Relationships:

At 18: You still believe that love is forever.

At 25: You've had your heart broken at least once.

At 30: Love? What love? You just want someone to help you live through the winter.

5. Traveling:

At 18: You go wherever your buddies go and sleep anywhere.

At 25: You want to explore the world and everything has to be an adventure.

At 30: You need the beach, a comfortable hotel, and a mojito in hand.

6. Exercise:

At 18: You have all the energy in the world for it.

At 25: You do it to stay in shape.

At 30: You pay for the gym every month but haven't actually been in it for the past two years.

7. Your place:

At 18: You still live with your parents and your room is your hideaway from the world.

At 25: You live with your best friend and share leftovers all the time.

At 30: You get to run around your apartment naked without anyone freaking out.

8. Babies:

At 18: Aww, cute.

At 25: Your friends start reproducing and you want nothing to do with that.

At 30: Your biological clock won't shut the fuck up.

9. Alcohol:

At 18: The more, the better.

At 25: You get drunk on special occasions.

At 30: It's your best friend.

10. The relationship with your parents:

At 18: You fight with them all the time. They just don't get you.

At 25: You call them before any important decision.

At 30: You are turning into them.