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    Unique Wedding Traditions From Around The World

    Maybe you can incorporate some of them to your wedding. Or maybe you can do all of them just in case.

    Throwing rice at the bride and groom as they walk out of their ceremony for prosperity.

    Groom removes several garters from the bride's leg and then a single male puts it back on a single female.

    The highlight of every party is when the 'Carnaval Carioca' starts.

    Writing the names of the single friends inside the dress to help them find a partner.

    No party is a party without "bem-casado," a typical sweet.

    Female guests pull strings out of the wedding cake to reveal little charms. Whoever gets the wedding band will be the next to marry.

    Brides wear two or three dresses: One for the ceremony, another for the dinner and a final one for the party.

    Friends of the groom 'steal' the bride and take her to a bar to drink. Once the groom finds them, he has to pay the bill.

    At the reception people smash dishes on the floor for good luck!

    The bride and groom will perform a ‘money dance,’ where guests throw bills for prosperity.

    People usually wear the claddagh ring - if you're not in a relationship, the heart points out, if you are, the heart points in.

    There's a saying: 'Marry in April if you can, joy for maiden and for man'

    At the reception a glass is broken, the number of pieces of glass symbolizes the number of happy years the couple will have.

    Couples tie a knot in front of the wedding chapel to symbolize their unity.

    Bridal henna (also known as mehndi) is used to decorate the bride's hands.

    Female friends help apply them during a mehndi party prior to the wedding.

    Brides usually dress in traditional saris in red with gold detailing.

    The last dance is called the 'Bride dance' in which guests take turns to dance with the bride and then donate some money to the couple.

    'Blackening the bride and groom' consists of throwing gunk at the soon-to-be-married couple.

    Brides cannot leave the house without... "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue."

    A rehearsal dinner is held the day before the actual wedding, which sometimes can turn into almost two weddings.

    Bride and groom exchange 13 gold coins to symbolize prosperity and good fortune.