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    13 Things You Didn't Know About Residente From Calle 13

    Frontman René Perez opens up about the best audience in Latin America, his embrace of the gay community, and the music he listens to while having sex.

    1. First off, he likes his rum with no ice.

    2. He was a late bloomer with the ladies but then it all escalated — quickly.

    3. He has an English-language album in mind.

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    "I want to do that," he said, answering a question from Facebook. "I'm not that good in English, like I am in Spanish. I would have liked to do 'Adentro' in English.

    With "Adentro" he brings up maybe his most forceful and emotionally arresting track off Calle 13's recently released album MultiViral. The relentless track and accompanying video has 7 million views on YouTube and serves as a commentary on materialism and violence in rap.

    "Here they need it, the rappers — what’s happening in rap is bad," Perez said. "I would like to do something in English, I can do it, but not in the same way. I would need to say fewer words, but you would understand."

    4. His embrace of and support for the gay community was supported by his uncle.

    5. If he could have dinner with anyone, it would be with his grandmother, his great-grandmother, Roberto Clemente, and John Lennon.

    6. Perez, a Puerto Rican, so fiercely embraced Latin American identity after traveling the region.

    7. So who is the best audience in Latin America? He really didn't want to say. But maybe Argentina...

    8. This is what he would do if he could meet his 10-year-old self.

    9. He wants the world to know the name Oscar López Rivera.

    10. He basically hates flying.

    11. He doesn't want to be a politician or an actor. But behind the camera? That he's into.

    12. This is a selection of the music he listens to.

    13. But during sex he listens to...