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    22 Things That Happen When Someone Breaks Up With You

    What time is it? It's crying time!

    You go about life thinking everything's fine.

    When suddenly you hear the much dreaded words...

    And so the tears begin.

    You try to drown your sorrows with alcohol but soon realize that doesn't really work.

    And so the tears continue.

    Your friends try distracting you.

    But you can only think of one thing and one thing only.

    And so the tears continue.

    And you get angry. And you yell. And you yell some more.

    You become suspicious of everyone and everything.

    And immediately your tears turn into hate.

    And you just want to see them suffer.

    You spend hours with your friends planning your revenge.

    Until finally you're able to get some strength.

    You put on your best outfit.

    And meet a bunch of new people.

    Sure, you might end up going out with someone who's not for you.

    And although the tears may come back, you know that they won't last that long.

    Because soon you'll be feeling like your old self again.

    Your confidence will be unstoppable.

    And when you least expect it...'ll find someone worthy to spend your time with.