25 Reasons You Should Be In Spain Right Now

What are you waiting for? It’s time to pack your bags and go!

Welcome to Spain:


1. Spaniards have the most fantastic food:


2. No, really, check out this magnificent ham:


3. And although some dishes look kind of weird, they’re incredibly delicious.

4. Their sweets are finger-licking good:

Like this Santiago cake.

5. The claras were invented there and they deserve to be drank all year long.

Beer + Sprite = perfection.

6. And they were the ones that invented the concept of tapas that you love so much.


7. The wine from Ribera del Duero is one of the best in the world…



8. Speaking of the best… the best restaurant in the world — elBulli — was in Spain.

Matthew Lloyd / Getty Images for Somerset House

9. And also the oldest one, founded in 1725…

We present you Casa Botín.

10. Spain has the two best cities in the world:


Alex Segre/Alex Segre


Although the rivalry between those who prefer Barcelona versus those who prefer Madrid will never end.

11. But it also has fantastic beaches…


Like Ibiza.

12. Magical cities next to the water…


Like Marbella.

13. Impressive mosques…




Like this one in Córdoba.

14. And cathedrals that will leave you breathless…




Like La Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudi.

15. If you’re looking for thrilling experiences you will for sure find them…

Joseba Etxaburu / Reuters

San Fermín.

16. Really…


17. Although if you’re looking for something fun to do without so much adrenaline, you’ll find that too:

David Ramos / Getty Images

La Tomatina festival will leave you covered in tomatoes!

18. And if you are into traditional entertainment you’ll be able to watch the best soccer teams play against each other:

Paul Hanna / Reuters

19. Oh… and the accent… OMG.


20. Men are incredibly good-looking:

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

Rob Gauthier/Los Angeles Times / MCT


21. And so are the women:

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

Mike Marsland / WireImage


22. There’s nothing more passional than flamenco:

23. Spaniards have the best art in the world:

Juan Medina / Reuters

24. And well…Almodovar <3

Juan Medina / Reuters / Reuters

25. But the best part is: Naps are a religion, and we all know that’s the highlight of any day.

Image taken by Mayte Torres/Image taken by Mayte Torres

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