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30 Questions All Women In Their 30s Are Sick Of Answering

"So... when are you getting married?"

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1. Aren't you a bit old to be going out so much?

2. Will there be other people your age where you're going?

3. Do you really think you should be drinking so much at your age?

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4. Shouldn't you be saving more?

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5. When do you plan on buying your own house?

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6. Do you need so many clothes?

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7. When are you getting married?


8. But don't you want a relationship?


9. Why are you still single?


10. Aren't you lonely?


11. Have you ever thought about trying online dating?

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12. Surely there are some good catches on Tinder, right?


13. Would you like me to introduce you to my boyfriend's friend?

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14. Haven't you slept with enough people already?


15. Do you realize that you treat your pet as if it were a human being?

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16. Aren't you a bit old to get a tattoo?

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17. Aren't you over the piercings phase?

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18. Shouldn't you be wearing more age-appropriate clothing?

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19. Are you thinking about having kids?


20. You know your biological clock is ticking, right?

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21. No, but really, you do want kids, right?

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22. What do you wanna do with your life?

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23. I mean, where do you see yourself in 5 years' time?

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25. Don't you think you're paying more attention to your professional life than your personal life?

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26. You do know that you can't have it all, don't you?

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27. Are you exercising? You know, after you hit 30 everything starts to go downhill.

28. Has your metabolism changed?

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29. How many calories does that thing have?

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30. Did you know that in my time... ?

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This post was translated from Spanish.

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