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21 Problems That Only People Named Maria Understand

You are not alone in this world.

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1. When they called your name in school, 15 girls turned around.

2. And that's why they had to call you by your last name instead.

3. You probably have two names.

4. And when you have to fill in a form there's not enough space.

5. You know your parents are really annoyed at you when they call you by your full name.

6. But if your name is only Maria no one believes you.

7. And so you get sad because you are "only" Maria.

8. People assume you are Catholic because you have the same name as the Virgin.

9. You probably share name with your aunts, cousins, grandmas, and mother.

10. When they call Maria at Starbucks, it takes you a while to get that they mean you.

11. Actually this happens anywhere where they insist on calling you by your first name.

12. You dreamed of having a cooler name when you were younger.

13. Especially a name that would give you the chance to have ~cooler~ nicknames.

14. Someone at some point probably sang Blondie's song to you.

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15. And Santana's.

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16. And probably also Ricky Martin's.

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17. Someone at some point made a joke about this soap opera.®ion=US

18. Or any soap opera that ever had a Maria character.

19. They always use your name for examples in textbooks.

"Maria and John went to the river to get water."

20. It's probably super easy to find souvenirs with your name.

21. And although there's a million of you (literally), you would not change your name for anything else.

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