21 People That Were So Close To Solving Their Problems

    Necessity is truly the mother of invention.

    1. Don't sit on the right side of this car, just in case...

    2. I wonder why he got stopped by the police.

    3. Super convenient to open and close every day, right?

    4. Have you heard of a mixer....?

    5. No comments.

    6. Remember not to iron your clothes right after eating.

    7. The logic behind this idea is *brilliant*.

    8. The definition of practical: you can put on lipstick as you check the oncoming traffic.


    10. I bet a bunch of parents are copying this idea right this second.

    11. Even putting it together for themselves.

    12. Isn't it harder to drill the coin than to buy a new button?

    13. No one will notice. No one.

    14. Mmmm. Turning the brake lights with a switch is probably not the safest/most intuitive/easiest thing in the world.

    15. No shower head? No problem.

    16. And here's the pro version.

    17. Is this for cleaning or for waving hello?

    18. DONE! The world is now a better place.

    19. Summer's here, go out and BBQ something.

    20. As long as you still have CD's to play...

    21. Ugh, no, no, no, no. NO.