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17 Reasons A Nose Piercing Is Exactly The Fashion Statement You Need In Your Life

We know you always wanted one.

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1. Because they look good with any type of hair.

2. And they make your smile even more beautiful.

3. Because they look good on any gender.

4. And you can play around with ~symmetry~.

5. You can wear two of the same for an unexpected twist.

6. Or go with a more simple, classic look.

7. Whatever your hair color, it'll always look cool.

8. And they'll always look great in your selfies.

9. You can combine styles for a delicate look.

10. Or look super sexy.

11. They pair well with other piercings.

12. And they look good from any angle.

13. You can wear a lot of them.

14. And there are endless ways to dress them up.

15. They even look good with a moustache...

16. With explosions of color...

17. And, of course, with a classic black and white palette.


This post was translated from Spanish.

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