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22 Things You Need To Know About Rio De Janeiro's Carnival

Ready to enjoy the world's biggest party? This year it takes place from Feb. 28 until March 4.

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3. In the '80s the Sambodromo was built, helping to organize Carnival a bit more:

Gabriel de Paiva/Globo / Via Getty Images

It was designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and has capacity for 90,000 spectators.

4. But that didn't stop the street "blocos" from taking place.

pdil/National Geographic / Getty Images

"Blocos" are organized groups of people that go out and parade, dance and party.

7. Sexy does NOT mean naked:

Sergio Moraes / Reuters

Nudity is penalized in the Sambodromo, so although costumes have been getting smaller, you won't be seeing full nudity from the samba-goers.

9. There's a lot of coordination before the party actually starts:

Pilar Olivares / Reuters

Costumes have to be ready, everyone needs to know their escola's song, people need to know where to go, and so on.

10. The industry behind carnival is HUGE for the country:

Mario Rossi / Getty Images

In 2010, Rio received 800,000 visitors during Carnival, which represents a 950-million-real industry for the city.

Andre Felipe / Getty Images

The country stops during the week of Carnival except for tourism services (hotels, cabs, bars) and samba schools, which work pretty much until the last minute so they can have the best costumes.

14. The bahianas are a group of elderly ladies whose role is to turn in circles throughout the parade.

Are you ready to enjoy the 2014 Carnival? Listen to all the songs here:

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