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    Some Kid Found Troian Bellisario's Phone And Is Using It To Snapchat From Coachella

    A modern-day music fest fairytale.

    If you love Pretty Little Liars, you definitely know Troian Bellisario, aka Spencer, and her awesome, down-to-earth Instagram account.

    Well, things got a bit weird when this post popped up on her account early Saturday morning:

    The photo is of her hiking bag, and the caption reads:

    "Lol you have a lot of followers"

    He tried texting and calling her contacts, but got no responses. So he tried something a little different: He posted a picture of the band DISTURBED.

    And he lay down this tale:

    After no response from Troian, he did what anyone in 2016 with a phone would do: Posted from Troian's Snapchat.

    Snapchat: @gaia17

    And after waiting, he made a smart choice and headed out to Indio for ~Coachella~.

    Snapchat: @gaia17

    About four hours later, it seemed Troian had begun to alleviate the situation:

    The person who found her phone, whose name is Jack, apparently thought her name was "Trojan," and decided to be bold and ask for the Coachella tickets he found in her bag.

    Snapchat: @gaia17

    And because she's a grateful angel goddess, Troian let him use her wristbands.

    Snapchat: @gaia17

    According to Troian's accounts, Jack's been having the time of his life. For example, he's gone backstage at Skrillex:

    Troian's fans following the saga are loving it.

    Jack on Troian's snapchat is giving me so much life right now 😂 @SleepintheGardn

    But mainly, because he keeps calling her "Trojan."


    While good ol' Jack lives it up with Troian's Coachella wristband, she's been keeping herself busy:

    Have fun, Jack! You deserve it.


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