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    Posted on Nov 11, 2017

    22 Bizarre Things That Only Make Sense If You Grew Up In A Small Town

    "So, what do you do for fun around here?"

    1. You spent so much time cruising the same five roads you could probably do it with your eyes closed.


    2. Despite a thick layer of god knows what, swimming in the local pond was a must.

    3. When your friend's dad got a fancy new riding mower, you definitely took turns seeing how fast it could go.


    4. Owning a leaf blower was pretty much the same as owning a jetpack.

    CrazyRussianHacker / Via

    5. You never missed an opportunity to set something on fire.

    6. And it wasn't unusual to have a bonfire on a random weeknight.


    7. Spending an entire day movie hopping was your definition of "living on the edge."

    Susan Sermoneta / Via Flickr: en321

    8. A lot of time was spent watching TV in your friend's ~cool~ basement.

    9. Carving the initials of your high school crush next to yours on the trunk of a tree is probably your biggest regret.

    10. A "road trip" was just going to the gas station with your friends.

    Paramount Pictures

    💕 WaWa, Sheets, Kwik Trip, Circle K 💕

    11. Whether you liked it or not, Friday nights were dedicated to sports.

    12. Jumping off the roof of your house was a standard summer activity despite the obvious dangers.

    13. You would drive to the mall just so you could beg your friend who worked retail for a discount...

    14. ...only to then drive in the opposite direction to beg for free food from your other friend who worked a fast food job.

    15. Some of the best times you had involved getting drunk with your friends in some random field.

    16. Or a random creek.

    17. Or just some random barn.

    18. Basically everywhere except the local bar because you knew you'd see every teacher, coach, religious figure, and babysitter you ever met.


    19. Scavenger hunts consisted of digging through various dumpsters for interesting stuff.

    Connor Dunlap / BuzzFeed

    20. You spent enough time with your neighbor's free-range chickens that you had names for each of them.

    21. It was not uncommon to spend countless hours hanging out in a parking lot late at night.

    Universal Pictures

    22. And finally, you'd literally jump off bridges because all your friends were doing it.

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