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22 Bizarre Things That Only Make Sense If You Grew Up In A Small Town

"So, what do you do for fun around here?"

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2. Despite a thick layer of god knows what, swimming in the local pond was a must.

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5. You never missed an opportunity to set something on fire.

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8. A lot of time was spent watching TV in your friend's ~cool~ basement.

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9. Carving the initials of your high school crush next to yours on the trunk of a tree is probably your biggest regret.

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11. Whether you liked it or not, Friday nights were dedicated to sports.

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12. Jumping off the roof of your house was a standard summer activity despite the obvious dangers.

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The trampoline was optional.


13. You would drive to the mall just so you could beg your friend who worked retail for a discount...

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14. ...only to then drive in the opposite direction to beg for free food from your other friend who worked a fast food job.

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15. Some of the best times you had involved getting drunk with your friends in some random field.

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20. You spent enough time with your neighbor's free-range chickens that you had names for each of them.

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22. And finally, you'd literally jump off bridges because all your friends were doing it.

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