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    24 Things That Fit So Perfectly They’ll Heal Your Soul

    Perfection exists. H/T r/PerfectFit.

    1. This can seamlessly sliding into this glass:

    2. This mattress filling every square inch of this doorway:

    3. This rubber band perfectly placed on this keyboard:

    4. This cozy cat inside this concrete block:

    5. These logs stunningly stacked in this shed:

    6. This Swiffer nicely nestled in this nook:

    7. This Frosty that fantastically fit in this cupholder:

    8. This lip balm sliding right through this cell phone case:

    9. This truck going through this tunnel:

    10. This broom gliding down this narrow hallway:

    11. This cutting board stuck snugly in this sink:

    12. This sandwich resting gently on this mug:

    13. This stump filling in this pothole:

    14. This Gatorade flawlessly fit in this fridge:

    Reddit: /u/BryceSoFresh

    15. These carrots cuddled right into this remote:

    16. This ring neatly nestled in the lid of this bottle:

    17. This cell phone in this headrest:

    18. This trailer backing beautifully into this shed:

    19. This shadow perfectly aligned with this sidewalk:

    20. These perfectly arranged bowls in this larger bowl:

    21. This water bottle barreling into this candle holder:

    22. This toolbox on this tool cart:

    23. This speaker situated snugly within this drawer:

    24. And finally, this car crammed in this other car: