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18 Weirdly Specific New Year's Resolutions That Are Way Better Than Normal Ones

This year's resolution can literally be to delete Facebook friends!

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1. Wear sunscreen

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Sun exposure can be incredibly damaging to your skin. It’s been shown that on top of preventing skin cancer, wearing sunscreen may actually slow the development of wrinkles. It might be winter but you should still break out that SPF!

2. Eat yogurt

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Yogurt is a great source of calcium, and if your body doesn’t get enough it may start using the calcium from your bones. A standard serving of Greek yogurt has nearly half of your daily recommended intake of calcium.

3. Wear sunglasses

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Excessive exposure to UV rays may cause serious damage to your eyes, including cataracts and macular degeneration. So this year, go out and get yourself a pair of snazzy sunglasses. You’ll be healthy and look fabulous.


4. Eat more dark chocolate

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Eating dark chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 70% may actually increase blood circulation to your brain, which may help lower your blood pressure. Your New Year's resolution can literally be to eat more chocolate! Just don't over do it.

5. Take an online course

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The internet is an endless source of knowledge and with a little research you can find free classes in history, science, art, and just about everything in between. So go find something you love and learn about it from the comfort of your own home! Some great sites include iTunes U, Khan Academy, and Code.


7. Cook more

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Cooking meals at home is a great way to eat healthier, consume less processed food, and spend more time with friends or family. If you’re new to cooking, try signing up for a meal subscription box!

9. Create a change jar

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Instead of letting all your extra change fall between the cushions of your couch, set aside a jar. At the end of every day, put the change you find in your pockets, the bottom of your purse, or even on the street into the jar and check it at the end of each month. Think of it as your adult piggy-bank!


10. Brew your own coffee

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Sure, picking up that double-pump almond milk vanilla latte is a crucial part of your morning routine, but it’s costing you a pretty penny. As an alternative, buy your own coffee press and eventually you may start saving big.

11. Keep a journal

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Journaling is a great way to both clear your head and track various personal patterns. You may actually be less likely to overspend just by looking at your typical spending habits. Plus, journals can look amazing!

12. Donate old clothing

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As the years go by, our closets can get pretty cluttered. Take the time this year to go through and find old clothing you can donate. You'll both free up space in your own closet and provide some help to someone who needs it.


13. Update your resume


Even if you aren’t currently looking for a new job, it’s always important to keep your resume up to date. Think of your resume as more than just a list of jobs and as a record of your of your work but instead as something to identify your strengths and professional self.

14. Create a laundry day

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It can be difficult to keep up on laundry — I mean, it's a three-part chore so we get it. This year, however, set a specific day each week to do your laundry and stick to it. Always having clean clothes to wear will change your life.

15. Write a thank you letter


Studies have shown that the mere act of being thankful may make you 25% happier! Think about someone who has had a positive influence in your life and then write them to say thank you. You’ll feel happier, and they’ll feel happier, it’s a win-win!


16. Get a pet

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Research shows that having pets may make you healthier by lowering stress levels and decreasing blood pressure. Sure, there may not be room for a dog in your apartment but there's probably room for a fish!

17. Learn to juggle

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Juggling is fun and relaxing, and according to a 2004 report from the University of Regensberg it may actually trigger growth in specific areas of your brain. You'll have a new party trick to show your friends and it can be learned over the course of a single weekend, so what are you waiting for?

18. Purge your Facebook

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Studies have shown that maintaining a large network of Facebook friends may lead to increased stress levels. It can be hard to delete Facebook friends or even hide them from your feed, but doing so just might improve your overall social media experience and relieve daily stress.