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24 Acts Of Vandalism That Are Actually Really Funny

Sharpie + bathroom wall = comedy. H/T r/MildlyVandalised.

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1. This not-so-popular Harry Potter sequel:

Reddit: /u/chairmanwow888 / Via

2. This corrected public health notice:

Reddit: /u/dAKirby309 / Via

3. This aggressive baby changing station:

Reddit: /u/lethargyliturgy / Via

4. This crime-fighting butter:

Reddit: /u/Lhr9scout10 / Via

5. This homage to Marge Simpson:

Reddit: /u/Calcd_Uncertainty / Via

6. This message from God:

Reddit: /u/AWiseManWasQuietOnce / Via

7. This sk8er boi:

Reddit: /u/OfficialDampSquid / Via

8. This powerful yo-yoer:

Reddit: /u/WYLD_STALLYNS / Via

9. This box that isn't just a box:

Reddit: /u/DemonVamp / Via

10. This unique donation bin:

Reddit: /u/officialkfc / Via

11. These doors and windows that scare easily:

Reddit: /u/strychnine213 / Via

12. This UFO abduction:

Reddit: /u/jbgobgob / Via

13. This helpful fire safety reminder:

Reddit: /u/substantialdisdain / Via

14. This X-clusive bathroom:

Reddit: /u/OmgItzSpectre / Via

15. This elevator learning to speak:

Reddit: /u/KlamKhowder / Via

16. This fish out of water:

Reddit: /u/Major_Lee_Garsol / Via

17. This very hygienic work environment:

Reddit: /u/Chubbs2770 / Via

18. This voice-activated paper towel dispenser that is definitely real:

Reddit: /u/MeLlamoBenjamin / Via

19. This traffic sign:

Reddit: /u/iv070 / Via

20. This mutilated cinderblock:

Reddit: /u/_Snurps_ / Via

21. This phallic dollar bill:

Reddit: u/sushideception / Via

22. This violent construction site:

Reddit: /u/KbotDan / Via

23. This minimalist Minion:

Reddit: /u/Orion-Gaming / Via

24. Finally, these workplace safety rules:

Reddit: /u/vulpescadenza / Via

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