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    Dec 16, 2017

    22 Tweets That Prove Wawa Is The Best Convenience Store And Anyone Who Thinks Otherwise Is Wrong

    "When I die, please bury me with jugs of Wawa iced tea."

    1. First off, if you love Wawa, you can only ever be friends with other people who love Wawa:

    Twitter: @brielledifran / Via Twitter: @brielledifran

    2. True fans even have their own love language:

    Twitter: @goformadison / Via Twitter: @goformadison

    3. The electronic ordering system is bomb AF and even Mitt Romney is in awe of it:

    Twitter: @bailiegregory / Joe Raedle / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @bailiegregory

    4. Ordering your hoagie is downright competitive:

    Your New Jersian status is only determined by how fast you can touch the touch screen and complete your order at Wawa.

    5. But Wawa is also a judgement-free zone:

    WAWA is the one place i think everyone feels comfortable and confident walking in in either a dress and heels or sweats with no bra on 🤷🏼‍♀️

    6. And it brings out the best in people:

    In New Jersey, everyone hates each other and has no manners until u go to wawa and ppl will make sure a door is held open for u at all costs

    7. Be honest, you kinda want your wedding to be at Wawa:

    Beautiful Wedding just took place at Wawa in Rt 1, Trenton.

    8. Wawa hoagies will be there for you when no one else is:

    when a wawa hoagie is your date...honestly, fuck yah! fuck boys and fuck the system 💪🏼

    9. Which is fine, because they're really fuckin' sexy:

    There’s actually nothing sexier than a Wawa hoagie

    10. Don’t even mention those other convenience stores because we don’t wanna hear it:

    If you really think Sheetz is better than WAWA then I need a 5 paragraph essay in MLA format defending your reason

    11. But let's talk about those gas prices for a sec because YAAASS:

    Love the cheap gas @Wawa in Virginia!

    12. Oh, and their iced tea? Literally to die for:

    When I die, please bury me with jugs of Wawa iced tea.

    13. Wawa is so much more than just somewhere you go — it's a part of who you are:

    Johny Knoxville has a wawa tattoo. And so will I.

    14. Literally nothing will stop you from getting to Wawa:

    The township has closed all the roads except for emergency travel. Does a diet root beer run to Wawa count as an emergency?

    15. They are open literally WHENEVER you need them:

    16. Much like America herself, Wawa is by the people, for the people:

    and I forgot about the surcharge-free ATMs, @Wawa is really for the people

    17. Everyone has that one Wawa they always go to:

    Back east visit... me at the same @Wawa where I worked when I was 18. Drinking #WawaCoffee. No trip down memory lan…

    18. It will def be the only thing you miss from your hometown:

    I never thought I would miss NJ. But here I am at midnight only wanting a smoothie and a toastie from WaWa.

    19. Their coffee's heavenly and worth traveling across the country for:

    One of the best things about visiting family in Pennsylvania? This right here. I love me some @Wawa coffee. Pretty…

    20. They also have the BEST mac and cheese and that is just a fact:

    Is it still a ‘family sized’ wawa mac if you eat it all yourself?

    21. Wawa gives you what you never knew you needed:

    #Surge ICEEs... this 👏🏼 is 👏🏼 not 👏🏼 a 👏🏼 drill. #90skid #wawa

    22. Basically, Wawa is the fucking best, end of story:

    Twitter: @ChebieD / Via Twitter: @ChebieD