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21 Things That Are Too Gosh Darn Real For Anyone Raised In A Super Christian Household

You could never make plans for Saturday night because you had to wake up early for church on Sunday.

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1. Getting lost in the grocery store was extra scary because you were convinced your parents had been raptured without you.


2. Your idea of gossip was just telling your friends whose hand you held during group prayer.

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3. Your parents regularly told you that if bad things were happening to you, it was because you weren't praying hard enough.


4. Drinking wine at church made you feel like a total badass.

Unless you went to Protestant church, which used grape juice instead.

Unless you went to Protestant church, which used grape juice instead.


5. "Have you tried praying?" was your parents' solution to every single problem you had.

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6. Whenever you needed to ask your parents for something, you would memorize a list of Bible verses to cite as backup.

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7. You'd be stuck at church for a full 90 minutes after the service ended because your parents needed to say hi to everyone.


8. You loved leading the prayer before dinner because you could keep it short and get right to eating.

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9. On Christmas, you had to pray and read Bible verses before you could even think about opening presents.

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10. The parental controls on your TV blocked pretty much every single show you wanted to watch.

11. And Veggie Tales was the only thing you were allowed to watch, which was fine because it was AWESOME!

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12. You didn't know a lot about Batman or Superman, but you knew literally everything about Bibleman.

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13. Instead of summer camp, you went to church camp every year.

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14. Your parents had a swear jar, but for words like "frick" and "sucks."

#growingupchristian having to say "oh my word" instead of oh my god or oh my gosh

15. When you got in trouble you spent the afternoon writing out Bible verses over and over again.


16. You could never make plans on Saturday night because you had to wake up early for church on Sunday.


17. You were either stuck in the house on Halloween or had to participate in “Christian Halloween."

18. You weren't allowed to read a lot of fiction as a kid, and ESPECIALLY weren't allowed to read Harry Potter.


Surprisingly though, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was fine because it was "about Jesus."

19. Your favorite band was Skillet because they were a ~cool~ Christian rock band.

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20. You mistook every pop-culture reference for a prayer reference.

"May the force be with you" "And also with you" #growingupcatholic

21. And finally, any car ride longer than ten minutes turned into a full-blown musical church service.

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