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19 Supporting Characters Who Are Honestly Way Better Than Their Respective Main Characters

All we want is a web series of Bob Loblaw's Law Blog.

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1. Barney Stinson — How I Met Your Mother


Be honest, what did you like watching more: Ted go on date after date, or Barney do literally anything at all? Barney was charismatic, funny, and had way more growth as a character.

Spin-off we want to see: A sequel series called Haaaaaaaaaaave You Met Barney?

2. Jean-Ralphio — Parks and Recreation


Jean-Ralphio is the most eccentric and clueless person you've ever wanted to be your best friend.

Spin-off we want to see: An instructional series called How to Get Run Over by a Lexus.

3. Tormund Giantsbane — Game of Thrones


If Jon Snow knows nothing, Tormund knows EVERYTHING. After watching him lead the Wildlings for two seasons, who would be better on the Iron Throne? No one.

Spin-off we want to see: A sitcom with him and Brienne called Big People, Big Wall.

4. Sookie St. James — Gilmore Girls

The CW / Netflix

Sookie was funny, caring, and emotionally available, and she gave us our first taste of that Melissa McCarthy charisma.

Spin-off we want to see: A longrunning Netflix series of Sookie and Michel running the Dragonfly Inn called The Dragonfly.


5. Elijah Krantz — Girls


Elijah is as big of a trainwreck as everyone else in the series, but at least he had great quips!

Spin-off we want to see: Honestly, we'd be happy just seeing the staged production of "White Men Can't Jump" that Elijah books at the end of Girls.

6. Winston Schmidt — New Girl


Schmidt is that cocky, good-looking guy you can't help but fall in love with. He is outlandish, absurd, and makes you forget that he's actually not the lead of this series.

Spin-off we want to see: Who Gives A Schmidt? and the answer is everyone. Everyone gives a Schmidt.

7. Mike Ehrmantraut — Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul


Mike has been a supporting character in TWO different series and that is a tragedy because he's got a true leading man persona.

Spin-off we want to see: A show about how Mike somehow knows every criminal in the entire country called Mike's Men.

8. Bob Loblaw — Arrested Development


Bob Loblaw lobbing law bombs were some of the best parts of Season 3. "Why should you go to jail for a crime that someone else noticed?"

Spin-off we want to see: Honestly, just the web series Bob Loblaw's Law Blog.


9. Claire Temple — Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders


Claire has saved the asses of literally every superhero running around Manhattan, and having been a nurse, she's had this whole hero thing figured out for a while. SHE DESERVES HER OWN SHOW.

Spin-off we want to see: Just give us Night Nurse. Please.

10. Jonah Ryan — Veep


Jonah Ryan is the punching bag of fictional Washington. He's on the receiving end of some of the cruelest and most brilliant insults ever written. He also somehow managed to become a congressman, go figure.

Spin-off we want to see: The same type of show but called President Ryan because that would be perfect satire.

11. Daryl Dixon — The Walking Dead


If you don't think Daryl Dixon would have been a better leader than Rick, you are wrong. Under his leadership, I'm sure a lot of people would've stayed alive.

Spin-off we want to see: A Bear Grylls style survival show called Dixon Does It Better.

12. Teddy — Bob's Burgers


Teddy is the perfect incarnation of that friend your parents refer to as Uncle but you aren't quite sure why. He's caring, supportive, and surprisingly handy.

Spin-off we want to see: A Travel Channel show of Teddy eating his way across America called Teddy's Ted-Eats.


13. Denise — Master of None


Denise is always the one telling Dev exactly what to do in order for his life to not implode in on itself. She's an empathetic, independent, and strong woman.

Spin-off we want to see: The exact same show, but it's all about Denise and it's called I Got This.

14. Darius — Atlanta


Darius speaks in either oblivious one-liners or deeply profound sentiments about humanity which makes him the only one you're ever watching when he's on screen.

Spin-off we want to see: A buddy cop show starring Darius and his gun "Daddy," called Daddy and Darius.

15. Janet — The Good Place


Janet is part robot, part angel, and all perfect. She delivers some of the best lines in the series and is a bright ray of heavenly sunshine.

Spin-off we want to see: Janet's Place, which is just a look around the void in which Janet lives.

16. White Josh — Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

The CW

White Josh is one of the sweetest and most emotionally stable characters in the show. Beyond that, he knows how to express his love in a healthy way.

Spin-off we want to see: A show about his loving relationship with Darryl called Stable Current Boyfriend.


19. Creed Bratton — The Office


Creed was a very, very weird guy. It was like everything he said was some kind of parable that would make you say, "Wait, what?"

Spin-off we want to see: Just a straight-to-camera testimonial of Creed's life called Creed's Deeds.