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16 Signs You've Outgrown Your Hometown

You may reach a point in life when you realize that the place you grew up is not the place you want to grow old.

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1. You care so little about your appearance going to the store that its actually weirder when you go in something other than sweats.

2. Running into people from high school just isn't that exciting anymore.

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3. You've mastered the art of faking interest in local gossip.

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4. You have so few friends left in your hometown that you spend way too much time alone.

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5. You'd give anything to just drive and get lost. But you can't, because you know every road to everywhere.


6. You've tried really hard try to reinvent yourself, but some people will always look at you as the nerdy/slutty teenager you once were.

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7. You literally have nothing exciting to post on Instagram except a bunch of sunsets and selfies.

8. You have so many ex hook-ups that avoiding them is an all too regular occurrence.

9. Seeing photos of people who moved away is the most painful part of your day.

10. You feel your talents and passions being slowly crushed by the monotony of your job.

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11. You just don't get how people your age lead a fulfilling life in this town.

12. You've stopped caring about peoples' reactions when you tell them you want to move somewhere else.

13. The thought of making new friends is the most exciting thing in the world.

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14. You’ve finally realized your fabulousness transcends your hometown.

15. The thought of moving somewhere new is enough to literally make you spin on a mountaintop.

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16. You're secure enough to know that even if moving away doesn't work out, you'll always have a place called home.

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