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14 Very Important Tinder Tips Every Guy Needs To Know

TL;DR: Do better, dudes...

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3. Seriously, it's never a bad idea to just ask how she's doing — unless you're only "asking" how she's doing to make a dumb sex joke.

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Just stick to the standard "out of 10" scale, guys. C'mon.

4. Remember: Tinder messaging is a low-stakes interaction, so you shouldn't spend too much time worrying about crafting the perfect opener! That said, you should worry about being gross.

8. If you get to the place where you both want to meet up, pick a place where you feel comfortable! But that place should also be a place where your date can feel comfortable too. So, like, not your bed:

10. Struggling to come up with things to talk about? Just remember that talking to someone on Tinder is not really that different from talking to them in person... which means, like, don't do this:

12. Or this:

Connor Dunlap / BuzzFeed

Unsure if you should send a message? Try the "Am I Coming Off Like A Serial Killer?" test. It involves asking yourself "Am I coming off like a serial killer?" every time you type a sentence. If you answer "yes," don't send the message!

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