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    • conniew15

      To all here who think she’s spoiled: She didn’t do that to herself. Plus, the parents are trying to sound squeaky clean. I bet they squeak all right. Telling her who to date because he’s a bad influence? Sorry. They are overly controlling. She’s on honor roll…she’s in sports and cheer squad. She’s intelligent and has scholarships. I think they bluffed and she took them on..stupid parents. THIS is about them feeling “She don’t give us no respect” and I say she IS respecting you for the one thing you have probably told her you are worth her whole life: YOUR POCKET BOOK!!!I think that girl is a bit deluded here, but what 18 year old ISN’T? I think she’s better off washing her hands of the whole thing, getting her degree with scholarships and loans and giving her parents time to reflect on their mistakes. Sorry all, but kids don’t raise themselves. I have met enough parents who give this stupid ultimatum to teens to show “who’s boss” to tell you: better just wave goodbye. I think these people are dumber than a fence post for that.

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