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10 Heartwarming Ways People Have Stayed Connected During Social Distancing

The Connections Project is encouraging us all to reach out and stay connected. This list of ways people are doing just that is guaranteed to make you smile!

We asked the BuzzFeed Community how they're staying connected during this time of social distancing. Take a look at all the cute ways they said they're showing up for each other, and maybe you'll get some new ideas to stay connected, too!

1. "I’ve been providing baked goods to my friends and neighbors with this fun basket delivery system!"

@debbiesleeper / Via

2. "Mother’s Day visit with Great Granny and Layla Grace❤️❤️."

3. "We schedule [video chat] slumber parties with my daughter's friends...

@meangirls/giphy / Via

"They watch the same shows/movies, eat the same snacks, have dance parties, play [games], and fall asleep while still [video-chatting]. For me, I do virtual happy hour online with my bffs. We are in four different states." —myheartsthebitterbuffalo

4. "My friend and I had been planning a food adventure at a local noodle restaurant...

"Since we couldn't meet there IRL, we decided to do our noodle tasting via [video chat]! We each ordered our noodles and ate together virtually :)" —bitsofumami

5. "Every morning my sister and I video-call each other and dance to a song of our choice. (We alternate who picks.)...

hulu/giphy / Via

"It gets the endorphins up and makes us so happy even though we can't hug each other. Plus it's a great way to start the day!" —Jo Sarriot

6. "Here's how I'm spending time with my grandson who lives four hours away. We have on 'play face masks' in this pic."

7. "Every Saturday night, my husband and our two sons play [video games] over [livestreaming] with my brother-in-law who lives eight hours away ❤."

8. "My boyfriend has adorable little nieces that we usually visit weekly...

@abcnetwork/giphy / Via

"Since we've been socially distancing, we started having [virtual] parties where we both get coloring books and crayons and color together while we chat. It's not the same, but it goes a long way! ❤️" —Jo Sarriot

9. "The Senior Moments Social Facebook Group was set up to show seniors we can get through this together...

"As our motto says, 'We take the DISTANCE out of SOCIALIZING.' Our group promotes ways to stay active and have fun with live videos featuring line dance lessons, exercise, games, etc. We will also encourage seniors to help where they can. It could be a thank you to a worker, making masks, shopping for seniors who cannot get out — the ways to help are endless. If you know of someone who could benefit from our Senior Moments Social Group, please feel free to give them this Facebook link.​ Here are two pictures of my sister Sue and me (aka the Sassy Sisters). One is what we really look like, and one with us wearing fun masks we made to protect us and those around us." —shirleyschroeder

10. "I've tried to make it a point to do something for others at least twice a month, usually when I get paid...

@onechicago/giphy / Via

"I've donated to causes committed to COVID-19 relief, and I've also sent cash gifts to a few family members and friends affected by job layoffs. I definitely do what I need to do for my own self-care, like video chats with my friends, parents, and little nephew. But I've been fortunate enough to keep my job in all of this and I don't want to take that for granted. Giving back in whatever ways I can has helped me to maintain perspective and an overall positive attitude as we all navigate this new normal." —Essence Gant

Note: Submissions have been edited for length, grammar, and/or clarity.

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