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25 Things That Are Undeniably True About The Maltese

No one can do sea, sand, sun, and food quite like us.

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1. You can get anywhere really quickly. Because Malta is only 316 square kilometers, you're never more than 40 minutes away from the other side of the island.

2. Which means you can fit a lot into one day. You can swim in the Blue Lagoon...

5. ...and still be back in time to have timpana with Nannu before he goes to the kazin.

josquin2000 / Via Flickr: josquin

If you like pasta, and you like pie, you'll love timpana: layers of pasta in a rich Bolognese-style sauce, mixed with egg, and topped with a pastry crust.

6. You always want this before lunch. / Via

8. You can only think of one thing when you see this. / Via

15. But no matter what season it is, you always have time for this.

keetnigelbone / Via

Ħobż biż-żejt just means "bread with oil", but this dish is so much more. Delicious Ħobż tal-Malti bread is rubbed with tomatoes or kunserva (tomato puree), drizzled with olive oil, and then topped with bigilla, onion, ġbejna, tuna, olives, and capers. Hungry yet?


And didn't judge your enormous appetite for these.

Chattacha / Via

Ah, ġbejniet! Traditional cheese made with milk from sheep or goats, ġbejniet can be prepared in a number of ways, including fresh (friski or tal-ilma), sundried (moxxa, bajda, or t'Għawdex), salt cured (maħsula) or peppered (tal-bżar). The peppered variety are often pickled or stored in oil.


19. But you know that no one can resist these.

Charles Haynes / Via Flickr: haynes

Pastizzi are dangerously delicious filo pastries filled with ricotta or curried peas. They are such a big part of Maltese culture that the word is used in several slang expressions. Just don't call someone one, or you might get into trouble!