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ComunIP Products

This is the applications built based on ClicVoz platform.

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  • 1. Locaweb PABX Virtual

    The Virtual PBX Locaweb is a VoIP telephony solution that meets the needs of your company in a simple, flexible and very economical solution. You can hire extensions as long as you need, configure them on the web panel and use them anywhere with Internet access. Also, you do not pay for calls between extensions.

  • 2. IKsolution

    Using the best computer keyboard in the market, IKsolution developed and patented in Brazil and abroad a super integrated solution, inserting inside a computer keyboard integration chips with the best existing Communication Software giving origin to the Intelligent Keyboard - Intelligent Keyboard - IK-1000.

  • 3. Nymgo

    Nymgo, a softphone for making calls to all land lines and mobiles. You always know where you stand with Nymgo. You get a great quality of service, backed by our Fair Pricing and Every Day Low Pricing policies. We don't offer you fancy promotions that promise the earth but in reality deliver nothing. You pay the advertised Country Calling Package price or the advertised Pay As You Go price with Nymgo. And that's all you pay.