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    • commenter14

      I’m Caucasian and Jewish. I worked in Europe once and was shouted at by a black African co-worker, who told me about harm my “people” had done to some other group (according to him.) I’ve been singled out as the only white person at a prison’s orientation for new employees (by a Latino meeting leader) who asked me to explain to the people of color there what institutional racism is. A nice act of microaggression, associating me with the practice. I’ve had a black bus driver ignore me when I kept asking him if my stop (on the way to the airport) was coming up soon. (He never replied.) We can’t expect Big Brother, in whatever form, to make our every encounter with others perfect. (I’m not even including as acts of “microaggression” the times strangers have made derogatory remarks about Jews to my face, not knowing they were talking toa Jew.

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