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No African Americans in the U.S. Senate

If Barack Obama wins today he will need to step down from his elected seat as a U.S. Senator from Chicago. Leaving not just a vacancy that will need to be filled (usually the governor appoints a replacement), but also rendering the U.S. Senate a nearly all white institution. There are still Hispanics and Asians but there will be no blacks left in the senate. There are several hopeful contenders who have made it well known to the governor of Chicago that they would like the seat, including Jesse Jackson Jr. Jackson Jr., who is a co-chair of Obama's presidential campaign. So, is this Jesse Jackson Jr the son that received a Budweiser distributorship with absolutely no business experience whatsoever? Now granted, when distributorships were originally doled out there was no such thing as affirmative action. And if African Americans consume the product then then at least one African American should have a distributorship. However, there remains a question as to how Jesse Jackson Sr. secured this distributorship for his sons.

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