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After I understood what it meant to be a modern nomad, wanderer, traveler, excursionist, adventurer and lover of the unknown, I realized the notion has always been a part of me. The concept first materialized when a friend and I were taking a road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway from Los Angeles to San Francisco. There I was, driving up the coast with my iPad and iPhone in hand as my guide, when it hit me that modern nomads no longer do not know where they are going, but are now experiencing the unknown through the vast possibilities of what exists at their destinations. Technology and social media have created a prodigious amount of information covering everything from parks, to oceans, to mountains, to hotels and every other corner of our planet. Now people are faced with the challenge of not knowing what to expect because there is too much that is to be expected. Being original, finding originality has become a near unimaginable task, Usual is now unusual. The idea of searching for new is now more salient than ever. New still exists through the lens in which it is perceived.. A modern nomad personifies what it means to be peripatetic. We carry home with us in our hearts, minds and spirit and understand what it means to be in constant flux. Equanimity is always with us, regardless of where we are on our sojourn. A modern nomad is not avoiding commitment, but rather committed to life as a continuous adventure. It is not so much that there is 'too much to see and so little time', but rather there is nothing that cannot stay with us. We accept the constant change that life entails, and fully embrace it. We do not stand still because nothing stands still. We find enjoyment in new, always looking for it. We do not feel connected to one place, but connected to experiences, memories and people from many.. A modern nomad simply put, is someone that does not challenge modern society, but welcomes it and stays true to the age old tale that life is a journey, ​so journey onward.

Jan 2014
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