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    • coltonm

      soiwant to know how all of you (all generations) can just idly sit by and berate and judge instead of educate and guide. all this excitement overafew internet jokes and misspellings. you attack each other in threads, always pointing the finger and blaming the others. what is happening now in this country isn’t any one person’s fault, it’s not any one group’s fault, it’s everyone’s fault. most of the laughs this began with came from people rushing, not checking their spellings or grammer, just rushing. its what society is now, we rush around doing what we need to do, not looking to who could use help or how you could be more productive with your life and your experience than just making money. and before anyone starts in with “well hes justa____ generationer” or whatever you decide to call it i’ll lay it out… i’m 19 years old, used to do drugs, got kicked out of high school. went back and finished on time without any guidance or help. now im in the cheapest collegeicould find but im living out ofavan because my funding keeps getting cut by the generations before me that keep pushing me to pursue an education in the first place. and whyiask? soican get this piece of paper that saysican make more money?iexpectedalevel of intelligence in this college setting but the education here is equivalent to what we all see on most of these forums, rushed ignorant bullshit. im wasting my life, my time, my money, and my sanity because according to the majority of “educated” individuals, that is what im supposed to do. id rather be building houses for low-income families or teaching underprivileged teenagers my trade and just workalittle on the side, enough soicould eat. but that can’t happen in today’s society and thats why we are falling apart

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