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13 Things All Guard Parents Understand, And Why We Should Seriously Appreciate Them.

Guard dads too! Just couldn't find a thumbnail picture that said "guard parent" Seriously, we owe you big time. Both as directors, and as your children.

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3. They can rhinestone ANYTHING.

Guard director: "We have 32 of these and this only came in solid red and I need 47,021 rhinestones on each one in this pretty complicated pattern. Here's some glue and stuff. You don't need to work, sleep or eat anytime soon right? Thanks!"

4. The tons of money they spent on you so you could spin.


Band fees, winter guard tuition, specific expensive makeup your instructor required, hair supplies, uniforms, practice clothes, dance blacks, members jacket, body tights, different shoes each season, gloves, tape, tape, and more tape...... The list goes on forever.

5. The props they built to complete your director's vision, no matter how painstakingly complicated they are.

"So we have like, virtually no budget left, but I want to replicate these POC 2013 props.... who has a dad that can weld?"

6. If you're a really lucky director or instructor, you have parents that work as your photographer and videographer

Seriously, you're so lucky if you have this. Videos of rehearsal runs kids can watch, and photos for PR stuff. It's awesome.

8. You come to competitions equipped with emergency supplies.

Pain relievers, allergy medication, tampons, safety pins, hairspray, sewing kit, medical tape, electrical tape, makeup, stain remover, bobby pins.....

9. You are willing to sit through hours of other color guards and indoor percussion because your kid's guard got there really early to rehearse outside.

Unless your other kid is in one of the other color guards or one of the drum lines. Then you're super lucky and have 2 performances to look forward to on show days!

10. If you work in the medical field and you're a parent of an instructor or student, expect at least one panicked phone call per season asking for your professional medical opinion.

"Yeah.... Yeah like, the sabre is ALL the way through his foot. Do we like, call an ambulance or is this something I can fix with band aids and medical tape?"

11. If you didn't know how to sew, you probably do now.

Guard director: "ALL of the uniforms came in the wrong sizes, and we need to wear them tomorrow. Can you take 16 of them in about 5 inches, and hem the other 21? Here's a list of measurements, and here's a sewing machine and the instruction manual. I think the kids names are in the uniforms.... Thanks!"

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