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    10 Reasons To Vote Out Senator Mike Delph

    Mike Delph has proven he's too crazy for Indiana.

    1. Mike Delph voted against giving families HPV information.


    Delph was one of only 5 senators to vote "Nay" on SB 327, which "requires schools to provide parents with the most current scientific information on HPV, its connection to cervical cancer, and immunization."

    Providing Indiana families with valid medical information? Mike Delph believes that the government has no place in doing so. Instead he feels that the government is just helping the pharmaceutical companies. Withholding medically important information from children and their parents? That's just horrible.

    2. Mike Delph voted against offering full-day kindergarten.


    SB 567 "offers full-day kindergarten programs to students who qualify for free and reduced price lunches beginning in the 2007-2008 school year."

    Studies show that early childhood education serves an important function in child development. Mike Delph voted against SB 567 - if he doesn't care about our underprivileged children, who does he care about?

    3. Mike Delph voted to emotionally stress women seeking an abortion.

    SB 146 "would require doctors to inform women seeking an abortion that there is differing medical evidence concerning when a fetus feels pain, that an embryo begins to grow as human physical life from the moment of conception, that the procedure entails certain physical risks, and that adoption alternatives are available."

    Of course, Mike Delph voted "Yea" on SB 146. Pushing his non-expert medical opinion on women? Disgusting.

    4. Mike Delph voted to strip funding from medical facilities that provide abortion.


    Senate Amendment 5 to HB 1210 would "repeal all state appropriations for contracts and grants made to entities that perform abortions or operate facilities where abortions are performed." Mike Delph voted "Yea." So places like Planned Parenthood? Sorry, no funding.

    Even though Planned Parenthood provides medically necessary tests and screenings (i.e. mammograms), Mike Delph is willing to withhold these medically important services to push his personal beliefs on others. Shameful.

    5. Mike Delph voted to put religion into public schools.


    Mike Delph co-sponsored and voted "Yea" on SB 89, which "authorizes schools to offer religious theories of the origins of life." Never mind that "separation of Church and State" or "science" stuff - Mike Delph is religious and he wants everyone else to be religious too.

    Unable to respect the basic building blocks of American society? Contemptuous.

    6. Mike Delph voted for "Right to Work."


    "Right to Work," AKA SB 269, is commonly referred to as "the Right to Work for Less." In a state with extensive steel, automobile and construction companies, unions help protect workers, both via working conditions and wages.

    Of course, Mike Delph voted "Yea" on SB 269, which stripped unions of previously held rights. Way to watch out for the middle-class, Mike.

    7. Mike Delph voted to allow the use of force against the police.


    We thought for sure that this one had to be some kind of sick joke, but we were sadly mistaken. SB 1 "authorizes the use of “reasonable force” against any law enforcement officer if the person believes the force is necessary."

    Endangering the men and women who work to protect our streets? Reprehensible.

    8. Mike Delph continually votes to put hate into the Constitution.


    Mike has voted multiple times to define marriage as between a man and a woman. There's not much we can say besides that it's shameful to the state and to Hoosiers everywhere.

    9. Mike Delph has a habit of going crazy on Twitter.


    Remember HJR-3? Our old friend Mike had an issue with anyone who didn't agree with his views and he was more than happy to express that sentiment on Twitter. A state Senator ranting at his constituents that they're "liberal whackos" and "anti-Christian"?

    A public figure should be more respectful and should have a better public image.

    10. Even fellow Republicans are sick of Mike Delph.


    Mike Delph tweeted private information along with his hate about HJR-3. Since then, Senate President Pro Tempore David Long took away Delph's leadership roles, stripped him of his press secretary and had his Senate seat moved to the other side of the chamber.

    If Delph loses his seat, the Republicans should be grateful.

    Want to help make sure that Indiana has better representatives in our State Capitol? JD Ford is Delph's general election opponent. Check out his campaign website here: