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16 Wonderful Things That Happened In 2013

Some of the awesome that happened this year, brought to you by College Democrats in no particular order.

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4. Nancy Pelosi Says What She Really Thinks About Michelle Bachmann

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"Who cares?"

9. Nina Pillard? You Mean The Honorable Judge Nina Pillard

Republicans might have called her a “militant” and “radical feminist," but now that she's been confirmed, she gets the last laugh from her perch on the second highest court in the nation.

10. Mark Takano Is First to Vine a Bill Submission / Via

Mark Takano isn't just a first-term Democrat. He's also congress' only LGBT person of color, only LGBT member from California and the internet's congressman.

11. Elizabeth Warren Slams Republicans for Shutting Down the Government

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"Madam President, I come to the floor today in a state of disbelief..."

12. Albuquerque Voters Respect Women, Stomp on Anti-Abortion Measure

Thanks to a grassroots campaign which included the University of New Mexico College Democrats, voters handed the Republican War on Women its latest setback

These are just some of the many reasons to smile about 2013 and plan even greater things for 2014.

Mentions do not constitute endorsements in any primary.