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Here Are 12 Reasons That Prove That Calgary And Edmonton Are Twins

Battle of Alberta or sibling rivalry?

Whether you are a proud Calgarian or a bold Edmontonian, there’s one thing you can agree on: YYC vs. YEG is a feud that runs deep.

An Edmonton Oilers player and Calgary Flames player in front of images of their city skylines
Kyle Richmond / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

Calgary and Edmonton are like oil and water (and both claim to be the oil!). We all know Flames fans and Oilers fans are sworn enemies, but look closer and you’ll find that the two cities are actually totally in sync with each other. They might even be #twinning.

1. Calgary has an Edmonton Trail, and Edmonton has a Calgary Trail.

Google Maps / Via

Umm, obsessed much? Nothing says "family forever" like getting tattoos of each other's names! Each city has a main roadway named in loving tribute to the other. Adorable!

2. They both watch hockey the same.

NHL / Via

When jubilant hockey fans gather to root for their home team with Mardi Gras–like enthusiasm, Calgarians flock to 17th Avenue (known as The Red Mile) to root for their home team, while Edmontonians rage on Whyte Avenue. RED Mile? WHITE (Whyte) Avenue? Similar, very similar!

3. They both lose hockey the same.

NHL / Via

Though Edmontonians will never let you forget that the Oilers were once the great ones, each city suffered devastatingly similar game 7 losses in the Stanley Cup Finals in the early 2000s. The Flames fell to the Lightning in 2004, and the Oilers were blown away by the Hurricanes in 2006. Sounds like a family curse to me!

4. Calgary and Edmonton are co-capitals of "Truck Country."

Red pick up truck traveling down dusty rural road
Jmichl / Getty Images

There is nothing Edmontonians and Calgarians love more than ripping out to the mountains for the weekend! It's no wonder that the most googled SUV in Alberta is the Ford F-150. Calgary has 11 Ford dealers to Edmonton's near-identical 12! I have chills.

5. Calgary has the Stampede, and Edmonton has the West Edmonton Mall.

George Rose / Getty Images, Gary Hutchison - Sns Group / SNS Group via Getty Images

On the surface, these may seem totally opposite. The Calgary Stampede is the greatest outdoor show on earth. And, when the West Edmonton Mall was built, it was the world’s biggest indoor shopping centre. But if you hail from either city, you have one thing in common: It’s the first thing someone from Ontario will ask you about when you tell them where you’re from.

6. Calgary and Edmonton both have a Jubilee Auditorium.

Mirrored Image of one of Alberta'a Jubilee Auditoria
Jubilee Auditoria / Via

In 1957, the Jubilee Auditoria were gifted to Alberta as a pair of premiere art venues, the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton and the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in Calgary. You know who gets identical presents on their birthdays? Twins.

7. Edmonton has NAIT, and Calgary has SAIT.

SAIT / Via, NAIT / Via

OK, this is kind of like the Jubilee Auditoriums, but this time they've introduced a rhyming scheme! In Edmonton, post-secondary students go to NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology), and in Calgary, they go to SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology).

8. They both have the same neighbourhood names.

Google Maps / Via

In both cities, you can live in Strathcona, Inglewood, Rideau Park, Kensington, or Westbrook (to name a few). Lack of creativity...or twintuition?

9. Wanna get around Calgary or Edmonton? Hop on the LRT!

An image of Calgary Transit.
Daxus / Getty Images

In Calgary and Edmonton, public transit is Light Rail Transit. These above-ground beauties dazzle commuters from stop to stop. It’s not slow. It’s not fast. It’s the LRT!

10. Both cities have produced major Canadian songbirds.

Brian Rasic / Getty Images, Rick Madonik / Toronto Star via Getty Images

Calgary and Edmonton are unmatched incubators for soulful Canadian songbirds whose songs punch you right in the heart. Jann Arden is the pride of Calgary, and K.D. Lang was born in Edmonton. Hey Siri, play Calgary's own Tegan and Sara!

11. Calgary and Edmonton both have a Peters' Drive-In.

12. Oh, yeah...and I guess they, like, vote the same.

Logo of the Conservative political party of Canada
Roberto Machado Noa / Via Getty Images

Nothing like some staunch fiscal conservatism with a pinch of #WEXIT to bring the family together!

So there you have it! Twins!

An image of the Olsen Twins in cowboy hats
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