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    10 Pawfully Adorable Valentine's Day Gifts For Man's Best Friend

    Valentine's Day has gone to the dogs—well, for some of us anyway. Show your puppy pals just how much they mean to you this February 14th with a Milk-Bone inspired gift (or two). We compiled a list of the best ideas from the Collective Bias blogger community that will be sure to get tails wagging! #treatthepups

    1. A Dog Bed Fit for Cupid

    Momma Told Me / Via

    Fido will fall in love with this DIY Doggy Cabinet—no arrows necessary.

    2. Sweets for Your Sweetie

    Krystal's Kitsch / Via

    With these Peanut Butter "Pup"cakes, your pooch won't be able to stop licking their lips—before AND after eating them.

    3. Treat Storage Made with Love

    Suzy's Artsy-Craftsy Sitcom / Via

    Cute designs like these mean you might just catch your pup with a paw in the treat jar.

    4. I "Woof" You Goodie Bags

    Living Better Together / Via

    Sometimes, "I woof you" just isn't enough. But these homemade treat bags are sure to leave your furry Valentine feeling the love.

    5. Love Stinks

    Susan Santoro / Via

    Well, not really. But walking your dog can be tiring and this nifty holder will help you feel less pooped.

    6. Dressed to the (Ca)Nines

    Holly Sosa / Via

    Improve your dog's style on Valentine's Day this year with these fashionable collar bow ties.

    7. Spread the Love

    Carolyn Roe / Via

    Your dog can give these treat-filled V-Day cards to all their furry friends. And none for Gretchen Wiener Dog. Bye.

    8. Decked Out Doggy Treats

    Kallie Eugenides / Via

    Because we all need to satisfy our sweet tooth now and again, spruce up your dog's favorite snack this Valentine's with some pet-friendly icing.

    9. Puppy Love Gift Baskets

    Jamie Rippy / Via

    Get ready for lots of kisses when you give your dog a custom gift basket.

    10. Gifts for the Other 2,555 Days of the [Dog] Year

    Growing Up Bilingual / Via

    Sure, Valentine's Day is special, but you love your dog year-round. Something as simple as this leash hanger and treat basket shows your pal your affection never ends.