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Columbus Sucks, A Poem*

Let's remember Columbus for what he really was: a genocidal maniac. Trigger Warning: This poem is about Christopher Columbus.

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In fourteen hundred ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

Under the sun he rode the tide, bringing with him genocide.

The natives greeted him with open arms, not expecting absolute hate and harm.

He took advantage of their kindness and trust it because it was gold and riches that made him lust.

Columbus spread violence, deceit, and disease along his path; few escaped his murderous wrath.

Though the natives bravely resisted and fought back, relentless was the attack.

Without mercy he massacred throughout the land; bodies were strewn across the sand.

Rivers ran thick and red with blood as the invasion advanced like a flood.

In pain and horror the people cried and moaned while Columbus stole their land for his own.

He was the vanguard of the imperialistic scourge for after him the murderous Europeans did surge.

Now we remember Columbus for his hateful deeds, his name synonymous with evil, malice, and greed.

*To be clear, Columbus didn't just suck, he was a rapist, murderer, slaver, and perpetrator of genocide.

[Author's note: This is essentially a rough draft, as such, suggestions on how to improve this poem will be appreciated. Please add your thoughts in the comments section.]

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