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    21 Times Tumblr Perfectly Summed Up Working In Retail

    "Do you work here?" "Nope."

    1. When your lane at the cash register is FINALLY CLEAR.

    2. When you close the doors and there's still that. One. Customer.

    3. When customers think you can't hear them but you actually can.

    4. When they think they're really funny.

    5. When customers think your name is actually "SHAVING CREAM???"

    6. When your heart stops because the store music paused.

    7. When you're not in your uniform, wearing literally ANYTHING else.

    8. When the struggle of working holidays transcended generations.

    9. When customers clearly have forgotten their glasses.

    10. When there really ARE just XXLs left.

    11. When your hours change and your paycheck is a ~surprise~.

    12. When customers try to avoid your falcon-like gaze.

    13. When you hear the one phrase that can strike fear into your heart.

    14. When you have to come up with creative ways to MAKE THEM PAY.

    15. When you realize you accidentally signed up to be a part-time therapist.

    16. When every product you sell reminds you of your own bank account.

    17. When people don't realize how their "browsing" affects you.

    18. When you just want to remind everyone that you're an actual human being.

    19. When you've developed small ways to exact revenge.

    20. When working in retail makes you feel exhausted...

    21. ...but it's all worth it for the small things that only you and your work friends understand.

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