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21 Struggles Men With Embarrassing Body Hair Will Understand

To shave or not to shave?

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1. As far as body hair goes, you're still trying to find the balance between Hagrid and the Old Spice man.

2. Because it's hard to rock shoulder hair unless you are Seth Rogen on the back of a motorcycle.

3. You ABSOLUTELY MUST trim your body hair before events JUST IN CASE you meet someone.

CBS Films / Via

4. Ingrown hairs are not a damn joke.

CN / Via

5. You've definitely trimmed your neck hair too far, leaving yourself with an asymmetrical haircut.

Universal / Via

6. And had to reshape the hairline on your own.

HBO / Via

7. You live in fear of shaving off a nipple.

20th Century Fox / Via

8. You've thought about shaving your pubes into a shape at least once.

Fox Searchlight / Via

Do you know what would be HILARIOUS? THE EGGPLANT EMOJI!

9. Before deciding it was going to be too complicated and going for something more traditional.

Warner Bros. / Via

10. And even then, you pray for a steady hand so that you don't end up on the local news.

Sony Pictures / Via

11. You've assigned one trimmer your face and one for... other places.

NBC / Via

12. But you've forgotten which was which at least once.

Universal / Via

13. Patches of hair appear on your body in no logical pattern.

Disney / Via

14. Whether or not your chest hair should stick out from underneath a t-shirt is an important lifestyle choice.

Sony Pictures / Via

15. And when you turn to the internet for advice, you find... all of the internet's opinions about body hair.

Apatow Productions / Via

16. You've thought about getting a wax, and then decided not to based solely on The 40 Year Old Virgin.

Apatow Productions / Via

17. You wish you could turn your head all the way around to see what's going on back there.

18. Sometimes you end up taking the world's most awkward back hair selfie to see the damage.

NBC / Via

19. Or need to enlist a significant other for help.

ABC / Via

"Think 'business in the front, party in the back' but like, the OPPOSITE of that."

20. You have an intricate and foolproof plan for disposing of your body hair without anyone ever seeing it.

NBC / Via

"I'll just take out the trash so none of my roommates see and then wait for the garbage truck to pick it up so that I can be sure it’s gone."

21. But inevitably, it'll all just grow back anyway.

Warner Bros. / Via

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