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    17 Home Products From Target That Are Both Stylish And Incredibly Useful

    Nothing like some jack-of-all-trades furniture.

    1. A geometric storage cabinet for housing all of your clutter and displaying your entertainment system.

    2. A laundry sorter cart that'll make dipping your toes back into the art of hand-washing as seamless as possible.

    3. Or, a laundry basket on wheels to take you on a garment journey back to the '20s.

    4. A freestanding toilet paper holder that'll double as a "media shelf" for all of your entertainment needs.

    5. A rattan bar cart for the truest "I Am a Millennial" signifier — you can use it to house books or vinyl if you're a booze-free household.

    6. A versatile indoor/outdoor metal bench to make the most sitting room out of your tight space.

    7. A three-tier spice rack that'll allow you to see your full supply so you don't end up with three containers of the same oregano.

    8. A six-cube organizer to maximize your storage space and give you a place to actually put your shoes.

    9. A hair care storage organizer that'll be nice enough to just leave out on the counter.

    10. An amber bath canister to move all of your messy grooming products into and pretend you're at Rose Apothecary.

    11. Or a six-compartment acacia vanity organizer for another tidy and chic storage solution.

    12. A clean-lined wall shelf to display your finest trinkets and clear up up some floor space in the process.

    13. A ceramic cookie jar that'll turn your countertops into a dreamy desert scene.

    14. A vintage-inspired armchair to finally give you a place to look forward to slothing around on while you marathon Terrace House.

    15. A wooden writing desk that'll make for a signifiant upgrade from your bed.

    16. A wood storage bin if you want to give your art supplies a nice refresh.

    17. A wire clip collage that'll turn your Polaroids and stubs into a piece of passable art.

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