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    29 Eco-Friendly Gifts You Can't Go Wrong With

    Think macro this holiday season.

    1. A planter that's made with a blend of recycled wood and corn-derived bioplastic.

    2. A roomy canvas tote they can take along to the grocery store so there's no need to get a baggy at checkout.

    3. A pack of reusable glass drinking straws, which'll give them the nudge they need to finally ditch the plastic.

    4. Or a bamboo cutlery set that comes with a metal straw and cleaning brush (the whole sustainable fam!).

    5. A totally decomposable razor with a bamboo handle to combat the estimated 2 billion razors thrown into landfills every year.

    6. A mosaic made of recycled aluminum beer cans that flicker in the wind.

    7. A book on the intersection of sustainability and contemporary design to give them a more holistic sense of living green.

    8. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker designed with FSC-certified wood and recyclable aluminum housing.

    9. Merkaela, a subscription box that comes packed with natural, organic, and chemical-free products.

    10. A pack of degradable wheat straw-fiber plates for your clumsiest friend — customers confirm they are truly unbreakable.

    11. A plastic-free phone case from Pela, the globally minded company that donates 5% of total sales to an environmental charity.

    12. A pack of plant-based sponges that may not be the flashiest gift — but are certainly the most sparkling-clean.

    13. Nest, a smart thermostat to help them limit their energy usage right from their phone.

    14. A waxed canvas lunch box that beats bringing wasteful materials to work every day.

    15. A sleek travel tumbler so they can cut down on buying bottled beverages.

    16. A pack of reusable crocheted mop covers if their wet-wipe use has gotten out of hand.

    17. A bag of long-lasting, organic soap nuts to take the place of their standard laundry detergent.

    18. The Homestead Box, a monthly subscription service that'll send them all the things they need to be self-sufficient (and, in turn, environmentally conscious).

    19. A delightful set of "unpaper towels" they can use again and again.

    20. A set of reclaimed record coasters for the audiophile in your life.

    21. An odorless, biomorphic (and stunningly attractive, IMO) composter that'll give them a home for their food scraps and a hardy meal for the worms.

    22. A motion-sensor smart light so their lights only stay on when they need them on.

    23. A modern necklace made with sustainable vegetable resin.

    24. A solid brass tea strainer to convert them to loose-leaf tea drinkers (and resist the urge to use bags).

    25. A low-flow showerhead, because, hey, some people love a practical gift and this thing will save them up to 30% more energy and water (not to mention a whole lot on their utilities bills).

    26. A set of recycled bamboo measuring cups and spoons so they can make a small but measurable difference.

    27. A recycled bamboo serving tray to go with that so they can have breakfast in bed whenever they please.

    28. A BuzzFeed Reviews-approved bidet, because using toilet paper in the year 2018 is honestly kinda shitty!

    29. And a BPA-free bamboo bento box they can throw in the microwave and dishwasher.

    *Takes a deep breath and pretends we are not hurtling toward a major climate crisis in 2040*

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