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    17 Of The Coolest Things On Amazon Launchpad Right Now

    A coffee-press travel mug, watermelon toothpaste, Alexa-powered board game, and so much more!

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    Launchpad is a section on Amazon featuring cool tech gadgets, interesting foods and drinks, and other innovative products created by startups. Here are some of the amazing things you can find there right now:

    1. A can of DIY cold brew "bean bags" so you can brew up a solution to all the iced-coffee debt you've accrued this summer.

    2. A tube of natural watermelon toothpaste for kids (and the parents who steal it from their children) that doesn't taste like trash.

    3. An entertainingly crude pop-culture charades game, if you thought Cards Against Humanity didn't go far enough.

    4. A nine-piece mason jar fermentation kit, because you fer-meant to hop on this hobby ages ago but didn't know where to start.

    5. A bento box with an insulated thermos that'll make packing lunch much more exciting — or at the very least, a whole lot tidier.

    6. A long-handled safety razor, if you're looking to pivot to an eco-friendly option that won't irritate your skin.

    7. A water-resistant laptop bag with a sleek, minimal look (except, surprise, it is actually very extra and has a hidden USB port for on-the-go charging!).

    8. A eucalyptus and peppermint seaweed body wash with more than 65 vitamins that's formulated to help to counteract the effects of UVA and UVB radiation.

    9. An Alexa-powered trivia board game, because Alexa has always been down to clown, but until now, hasn't had the proper stage to let her true comedic talents shine.

    10. A travel coffee press, for those "rolled-out-of-bed-an-hour-late" kinda workday mornings.

    11. A durable silicone spatula so you can stop scraping the bottom of the barrel, and instead do it with this premium utensil that doesn't leave a mark.

    12. A highly educational app-controlled robot that kids will enjoy teaching to move, dance, and converse.

    13. A 12-pack of tasty AF gluten-free plant-based crisps that make a perfect snack.

    14. A super-intuitive app-controlled thermometer, because the last thing a sick person needs is another inconvenience.

    15. An interactive monkey that borrows much of its charm from the beloved Furby (but won't haunt you in your sleep).

    16. A collapsible water bottle that reviewers say has made TSA checkpoints less of a total hellscape — truly the highest praise any product can receive.

    17. And a pair of men's jogger pants that work to rapidly remove sweat and eliminate odor.

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