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All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Slippers, bonsai tree starter kits, backpacks, and more!

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2. 70% off a teeth whitening kit with an LED light that speeds up the whitening process.


4. 43% off geranium essential oil.

5. 43% off a bonsai tree starter kit.

7. 33% off a cordless pole saw.


8. 53% off Logitech's Alexa-compatible remote.

9. 58% off a bathroom scale that syncs up with an IOS and Android app.

10. 40% off a 2-pack of 100% cotton crew neck tees.

11. 47% off an athletic slim fit tank top.


12. 20% off a smart tire safety monitor that detects any slow leak.

13. 31% off Honeywell's outdoor sound amplification earmuff.

14. 35% off a Hydro Flash wide mouth straw lid.

15. 40% off a 6-pack of odor-free sponges.


16. 30% off a folding wooden chess set.

17. 49% off Smart Ass, the trivia game that rewards the first to scream out the answer to a clue.

18. 66% off a lightweight water-resistant travel backpack.