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All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on Thanksgiving essentials, craft supplies, grooming tools, and more!

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1. 30% off a turkey roasting set including a baster, cleaning brush, and a fat separator.


7. 50% off a rechargeable electric razor.


11. 25% off a set of two classic half sheet pans.

12. 21% off a cordless and rechargeable beard trimmer.

14. 32% off an electric shaver for wet or dry shaves.


15. 53% off a portable table tennis set.

17. 45% off a 20-piece stainless steel flatware set.

18. 31% off a stripping tool you can use on kale, chard, collard greens, and herbs.


19. 21% off a clinically tested home hair removal system.

21. 61% off a thermal cotton quilt.

22. 36% off a kettle with a bird that whistles when contents have come to a boil.

23. 16% off a fog-resistant shower mirror.

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